Polypropylene construction Each roll 48 mm wide and has 66 metres on the roll Has 'FRAGILE' printed throughout the rolL

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  • 1rolls of strong adhesive high quality fragile packing tape – ideal for sealing boxes, easy to use and doesn’t split like others. 
  • The strong fragile packaging tape works well for different purposes: perfect for storage boxes if you want to get your household items securely packed; guarantees a quick reliable seal when you tape cartons for your shipping needs; also ideal for hassle free moving house as your cardboard boxes will be packed and sealed well. 
  • This fragile tape is Acrylic-based and measures 48mm x 66m. It is 45 microns thick and printed “FRAGILE” in red on white background. 
  • These tape rolls will be able to withstand normal UK temperatures and will not turn yellow. Our fragile tape is also moisture and UV resistant.