Moving Home Tips

Moving home is probably one of the most stressful times we experience in our lives. there is so much to do and  seemingly such little time to do it in. It doesn"t have to be so stressful however. Preparation is the key to a successful move. Using a reliable courier is a good place to start. Book your courier well ahead of your move date so that you can get all the arrangements in place in plenty of time. If you are able to pack yourself all the better but if not speak to your courier service and they will be able you.

Before you contact your courier it is a good idea to do a bit of preparation so that they can quote you accurately for your house move. What sort of information they will need to know?

1.Where are you moving from? ( full address with post code)

2. Which floor are you situated on? (is there a lift available if on upper floors)

3. What are you moving? (the more detailed the list the better your courier can help you)

4. Where are you moving to? ( full address with post code)

By following these four simple steps booking your courier will be made much easier and save you time going over things several time.

Packing your home ready to move.

1. Pack things into boxes room by room and write the room on the box, if you are packing breakable or delicate items make sure they are well wrapped and that the box is marked fragile.

2. Pack as much into boxes as possible leaving as few loose items as possible. This will save you time when loading and unloading the courier vehicle.

3. Try and wrap wooden items in bubble wrap or similar to protect them during the move.

4. Try not to put liquids into cardboard boxes as these can leak and damage your box and contaminate other boxes it is stored by.

5. Ensure your boxes are as full as possible as this reduces the risk of damage caused by items moving around in the box or container.

6. Ensure you tape your packages, boxes or other moving containers with strong tape so that they don"t fall apart when your courier picks them up.

Once you have packed and wrapped your box label it so that you can easily identify it at the  destination address. You could either use a numbering system by putting numbers on the boxes and then making a list of where each numbered box is going to  in your new property or you can label the boxes with a room in the new property. This helps your courier know whereto put things when they arrive at your new property and takes away a lot of the supervision required by you and the stress of having to think where everything needs to go when you arrive.

When moving boxes move slowly and carefully, ensuring you have clear walking space. When maneuvering furniture ensure you have enough space to move freely, get help with heavy or bulky items and never try and make things fit where there is not enough space.

When moving fridges and freezers you should always ensure they are emptied of all contents and have been unplugged for at least twenty four hours to allow time for defrosting and draining. The last thing you want is to get everything covered in water when it is in the courier vehicle. When your courier has placed the fridge or freezer in your new property you should not plug it in for at least 12 hours to allow the refrigerant gases time to settle.

Before you move into your new home show your courier the layout of the property so that they know where they are going and where things belong.

We hope that this short but concise article will help with your move process and make things easier for both you and  your courier.